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Frequently asked questions

Who has developed the design concept?

The design concept has been developed by Durbach Block Jaggers Architects (DBJ) who are proven design innovators and authors of some of our country’s most remarkable buildings. DBJ will partner with Architectus, Tyrrell Studio and Youssofzay + Hart.

A single stage Development Application is being pursued for the updated design to support more efficient delivery. 

The design retains the 1988 Wran building. It will undergo modifications to improve visitor circulation, exhibition spaces and utilisation.

The Harwood building is not included in this development.  

It will be retained for museum use to provide storage, loading, staff accommodation, workshop and conservation facilities.

Flexible international standard exhibition spaces that can support and adapt to new and dynamic programs that facilitate direct connections with Powerhouse collections are essential for the museum’s future.   

Existing exhibition spaces will be renovated with the scheme delivering an increase in the amount of high quality and fit-for-purpose exhibition spaces. This will provide a world class museum that will contribute to the NSW visitor economy. 

The temporary closure of the museum in February 2024 ensures the best use of resources, focusing investment into the revitalisation, and allows time for careful relocation or preservation in-situ of the Powerhouse Collection.

Timing of construction commencement and completion is subject to the outcomes of the planning and procurement process.

The Environmental Impact Statement, which will be prepared as part of the State Significant Development Application, will include details about construction. When a delivery partner is engaged for construction, a detailed construction management plan will be developed and there will be further consultation around impacts and mitigations.

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